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Go Solar & Save Money

By Gayrajan Kohli Solar PV is a simple technology that helps us save money, live sustainably, become energy-independent and greatly reduce our environmental burden While financial profits are more easily ...
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Why Go Electric?

By Yuvraj Sarda Chronic dependency on foreign countries for oil and hazardous pollution levels are reasons India needs to go electric with its vehicles Globally, the automotive industry is going through a...

Innovation in Rain Water Harvesting

By Dr Subramanya Krishna Bhat Amidst the current water crisis being witnessed globally, Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) could be our oasis in the desert Almost all the water found on Earth’s surface (about 97...

Sustainable Biovillage Model

By Manoj Kumar Menon  As part of a pilot project designed to improve rural livelihood in India, Molvom in the North-eastern state of Nagaland is being fostered into the country’s first Biovillage Since 6...

Building Green Can Take You F-A-R

By Meghna Jain The Delhi Development Authority is offering extra ground coverage and FAR to green builders The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) recently approved regulations for the construction of gree...
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Oorja: Agriwaste to Energy

By Amit Saraogi  Oorja will help off grid rural communities to turn biomass into energy In rural India, 45 percent of households are off grid and lack access to modern energy. They rely on fossil fuels su...
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Green Batteries from Silk

By Dr Jianhua Hou & Professor Chuanbao Cao Chinese scientists develop bio renewable alternative to graphite carbon In order to address the problem associated with the environmental and depleting res...
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