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map of the world, lined with tea leaves on old paper. Eurasia, America, Australia, Africa. vintage. tea, a towel, honey, raspberry jam with lemon on rustic wooden table. top view. flat lay

Tea Culture from Around the World

By Snigdha Manchanda Tea was first discovered in ancient China around 5,000 years ago. After its discovery in 2737 BC, tea became a mainstay of Chinese culture for refreshment, a precious commodity, cultivat...
Urban garden

Play Farmville IRL

By Priyanka Amar Shah In the concrete grid that is your urban home, how about creating a welcoming space where you and your family can relax, exercise, and grow pesticide free food, all at the same time? Hav...
Pondering beautiful lady is thinking about her choice of sport activity. Colourful sport icons are drawn on the concrete wall. A concept of a healthy lifestyle.

Why Organic Is a Big Deal

WHAT IS ORGANIC FOOD & WHY IT IS BETTER FOR YOU  By Sreelatha Krishnan What qualifies as Organic Food? Organic food is food that is grown and processed in an entirely natural way. Organic crops must...

What’s Keeping Us Ill?

By Gaurav Agarwal ‘Roti, Kapda aur Makaan’ is everyone’s pursuit in life. Food is vital for a healthy body, mind and soul. Therefore, it comes as a shock to learn and acknowledge the food we eat today, does ...

Composting for Dummies

By Poonam Bir Kasturi What is composting and why should I bother? Most people are unaware their kitchen waste can be converted into good manure if they just added crushed dried leaves to it daily. Every l...

Raw Deal

WHAT I CONSUME IN A DAY AS A RAW VEGAN IN INDIA By Anna Steele I have been thriving on raw vegan food for 13 years now, seven of which were spent in the UK. The ‘Raw Vegan’ diet comprises only raw foods tha...

Organic Mithai Guide

C Green, Noida - Range of organic & preservative free Laddoos. Available in leading supermarkets and modern trade stores; can also be directly purchased at or +91-98993 03198/+91-93128 3492...
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