Biofac 2017

Pure & Eco IndiaTM magazine is Southeast Asia’s only publication focusing on the Organics and Natural Products sector in the region—including organic foods, farming inputs, organic textiles, organic skin and haircare, as well as, cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals. The quarterly imparts education on all aspects of Organic Living in the modern world, while also rendering crucial business knowledge on the SE Asian Organic Industry for global business stakeholders. Designed for multilateral trade promotion, Pure & Eco IndiaTM aspires to be a reference point for the Organic Industry in Southeast Asia, as well as, the Global Organic Industry at large.

Through the pages, Pure & Eco IndiaTM adheres consistently to the principles of organic, green, and eco friendly living. The magazine is a must-read for anyone interested in maintaining a well-balanced holistic lifestyle. It is also a useful tool for industry stakeholders to gain a perspective of the inner workings of the sector and feel the pulse of the market to their benefit.

The current issue of Pure & Eco IndiaTM can be read on this website free of charge. There is also no charge for online subscription to the same.

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