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Ecotel Review: The Fern in Goa

By Lily Tekseng (All photos © Benefit Publishing Pvt Ltd) An Ecotel that incorporates sustainability in the world of hospitality My partner and I packed our bags one hot Delhi evening and decided to visit Goa while the flush of monsoon was still heavy, and...
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Itmenaan Estate: Eco-Resort Review

By Rutaksha Rawat (All photos © Benefit Publishing Pvt Ltd) A 100-year-old Kumaoni Tibari has been sustainably restored in a human-sparse rural setting, making for the most remotely located leisure resort in India Itmenaan Estate in Naogaon, Almora, has man...
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Lumiere: Organic Food Review

By Anshika Ajmera Chhabra Lumiere in Bengaluru offers piquant organic burgers, sizzlers, thalis and baked goodies My longstanding notion of organic food as boring and savourless changed radically when on a recent trip to Bengaluru, I decided to eat at L...
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Roots Cafe in the Park: Organic Food Review

By Rutaksha Rawat (Photos © Benefit Publishing Pvt Ltd) Roots has its roots firmly planted in energy conservation, eco consciousness, and wholesome and flavourful food WWhen I heard Roots was a zero grid cafe (perhaps India’s only) run on solar power that...
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