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People of the world unite, collectively acknowledging Yoga as the gateway to health, contentment and spiritual wellbeing

Maud Chuffart, Mumbai



Pose: Upavistha Konasana


Michal Maciaszek, Poland

michal 1

michal 2
Pose: Bakasana


Namrata Sudhindra

namrata sudhindra

Pose: Kukkutasana; Photo by Mallikarjun Katakol


Radhika Chaliha & Vinay Kumar Jesta

radhika chaliha

Pose: Back Bird


Ranbir Singh

ranbir singh
Pose: Hast Likarasana

Sharanya Narayanan



tree pose-sharanya

Pose: Tree Pose; Photos by Vinod Ravindranathan


Vinay Kumar Jesta

vinay kumar jesta

Pose: Maksikanagasana


Yamuna Devi, London


Pose: Back Bird; Photo by Asmita Parelkar

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